Practice areas - Favrel Avocat
Grâce Favrel, english speaking barrister. The French human rights law firm specialises in criminal law, environmental law, human rights and international law. The firm is competent to represent clients before the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice, the CNIL.
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If you are a victim of police violence, whether in police custody or during an arrest, the firm can help you file a complaint with the IGPN and follow up the procedure.


If you have been deprived of the right to a fair trial, or have been subjected to undignified conditions of detention, the firm can help.


The firm’s expertise extends to cases involving infringement of the right to strike, discrimination and workplace surveillance.


You are threatened with deportation even though you have family in France, or are at risk of persecution or torture in your country of origin.

You are unable to bring your family to France, despite exceptional circumstances. The firm can help.


The firm is competent to deal with cases of violation of the right to privacy, cyber harassment and attacks on your honor. You can also contact the firm if you wish to have a site dereferenced.



The firm has developed expertise in the field of training. It can develop training modules for both face-to-face and online sessions. The firm’s training activities cover all subjects related to human rights, criminal law, and environmental law.

The firm has developed modules on fundamental rights in the workplace, the implementation of the RGPD, and immigration issues. The firm also offers customized training courses.

Me Grâce FAVREL is certified to tutor the Council of Europe’s HELP training courses for legal professionals.



The firm provides legal advice and representation on all aspect of criminal justice including trials, appeals, business crime, environmental crimes and extradition.

We represent clients during preliminary enquiries, before the investigative judge, during hearings and before the penitentiary administration. We can also assist in getting a criminal record expunge and the recovery of property seized during criminal proceedings.

We also counsel victims for the recovery of damages and represent them during trial.

In international criminal law, the firm is competent for complex extradition cases, torture cases and European arrest warrant.



The firm offers legal representation to clients complaining about the operation of industrial activities (litigation concerning operational permits before the Administrative Court, contractual responsibility or negligence litigation before the Civil Court, cases of environmental criminal responsibility before the Criminal Court).

The firm also provides advice and representation to individuals and organisation bringing claims to challenge the state’s inaction.

The firm also support and represent clients for transnational claims in relation to environmental damages caused by multinational’s operations.

The firm also provides legal advice companies in setting up and managing projects in compliance with their legal environmental obligations.