About the firm - Favrel Avocat
Grâce Favrel English speaking barrister. French human rights barrister. Areas of practice are human rights, environmental law, criminal law and international law.
European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice, extradition, cyber harrassment, condition in prison, european arrest warrant, United Nations Human Rights Committee
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The law firm

Grâce Favrel is an English speaking barrister based in Paris.

The firm is a dynamic boutique disputes firm specialising in the defense of fundamental rights. It works primarily in the area of human rights law, criminal law, environmental law and international law.

Human rights: The firm provides legal counsel to victim of human rights violations. Legal representation and advice are provided on diverse issues including the right to life, right to dignity, right to private life, right to a fair trial and the right to property. The firm is also competent to design and implement training course on human rights issues.

Environment law:  The right to a healthy environment is the most important right. This is why the firm provides legal advice and representation to clients who have suffered from environmental damages. For example, the firm brings claims against multinational companies whose commercial operations, whether in France or abroad, have caused harm to individuals or groups. The firm also counsels clients (including businesses) on their legal rights and obligations..

Criminal law: The firm intervenes at all stages of the criminal process. It represents clients during preliminary inquiries, before the investigative judge, during hearings, and before the penitentiary administration. It also counsels victims for the recovery of damages and represents them during trial. In international criminal law, the firm is competent for complex extradition cases, torture cases, and European arrest warrants.

International law: The firm represents clients before international courts including the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, the African Court of human rights and people and the UN human rights committee. The firm can also advise companies in relation to EU obligations for example in the area of data protection or due diligence.

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English speaking barrister , Paris Bar (France)

After working in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in the area of human rights for ten years (including for the European Union), I have created a French boutique devoted to human rights.
When I don’t work I like to read (I have a passion for English literature) , listening to jazz and practicing outdoor activities.